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Power Steering Pump

Discover a wide selection of replacement Power Steering Pump at AM Car Parts. Our extensive range is sourced from top-tier auto parts manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability. Simply input your vehicle's registration number or select the make and to find the compatible Power Steering Pump for your vehicle.

What is Power Steering Pump?

The hydraulic power for the steering is provided by a rotary-vane pump i.e. Power steering pump. This pump is driven by the car`s engine via a belt and pulley. It contains a set of retractable vanes that spin inside an oval chamber.As the vanes spin, they pull hydraulic fluid from the return line at low pressure and force it into the outlet at high pressure. The amount of flow provided by the pump depends on the car`s engine speed. The pump must be designed to provide adequate flow when the engine is idling. As a result, the pump moves much more fluid than necessary when the engine is running at faster speeds.The pump contains a pressure-relief valve to make sure that the pressure does not get too high, especially at high engine speeds when so much fluid is being pumped.

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