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Fuel Pressure Sensor

Discover a wide selection of replacement Fuel Pressure Sensor at AM Car Parts. Our extensive range is sourced from top-tier auto parts manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability. Simply input your vehicle's registration number or select the make and to find the compatible Fuel Pressure Sensor for your vehicle.

What is Fuel Pressure Sensor?

A fuel pressure sensor is a small device that resides in an automobile`s fuel tank that measures the pressure within the tank. It uses this information to alert the vehicle`s internal computer when there is a leak in the fuel system. The fuel pressure sensor works in conjunction with a vehicle`s evaporative control (EVAP) system, which captures any evaporated fuel before it leaves the fuel system. The sensor alerts the vehicle`s computer to not only fuel tank leaks, but also to leaks in the EVAP system. The fuel tank pressure sensor is always monitoring the pressure in the fuel tank for potential leaks. Pressure testing in the EVAP is performed periodically, typically after the vehicle has been sitting for a while (e.g., when the vehicle is first started up in the morning).

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