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Fly wheels

Discover a wide selection of replacement Fly wheels at AM Car Parts. Our extensive range is sourced from top-tier auto parts manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability. Simply input your vehicle's registration number or select the make and to find the compatible Fly wheels for your vehicle.

What is Fly wheels?

A flywheel is a heavy shaft-mounted rotating disc that absorbs and stores twisting or spinning motion and then releases it as rotational kinetic energy to provide motion to a stationary, or nearly stationary object. The major role of a fly wheel is to soften out variations that are present in the speed of a shaft, usually caused by torque fluctuations. In a case where the source of the load torque or driving torque is altering in nature, then a flywheel is typically called for. Flybrids (a variation of regular electromechanical hybrids) use a flywheel instead of a battery to store regenerative braking energy. This stored energy is used to initially propel (or assist the vehicle’s internal combustion engine) for powering and maintaining motion of the vehicle.

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