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Affiliate Program

How does it all work?

Become part of one of the largest car parts sourcing team in the UK and increase your business and advertisement with AM Car Parts. If you or your customers are car enthusiasts or looking for car parts on a regular basis, get in touch.

Why AM Car Parts?

•    AM is one of the fastest source to locate cars, vans and 4x4 parts in the UK, which means we have the reach and the parts that bring profit to you, the affiliate.

•    Huge brand recognition. This goes a long way towards making our affiliates associated with a strong name that means quality and trust.

•    Hundreds of thousands of parts through trusted suppliers, which means that your reputation is improved immeasurably. With such a large network, and you being part of it, there is no way you can’t build your brand online.

•    Accessible website and quick service for customers. This makes it easier for customers to get in, get a quote, and push more business your way. It’s the easiest system in the UK.

•    Customers always get full details of the suppliers that they receive quotes from. This builds trust and improves the rate of business, as customers are able to communicate directly with suppliers. This is not always the case with other companies.

•    You will also find that we have the most cost-effective monthly subscription rates. You will not find a lower price for a monthly subscription anywhere else in the United Kingdom.

•    When customers getintouch and find quotes, they always receive a normal rate landline number for suppliers. With other car parts brokers, customers often have to ring a premium rate number to get in touch with suppliers. This costs them too much, and in some cases can cost £6 per minute. With us, they only have to use a normal landline, which again builds trust and increases revenue for you.

•    All major credit cards are accepted and we offer online monthly rolling contracts.

•    An increased number of request and repeat business, all from one affiliate scheme. We are the fastest growing network in the UK, and the most trusted. This means more for your bottom line.

•    You also get maximum exposure for your business, without the daily requirement to manage an account. Our reach is so extensive that you are receiving maximum exposure every day.

How do I get involved?

Simply register with us by clicking following link and we will get back to you.
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