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Central Locking Relay

Discover a wide selection of replacement Central Locking Relay at AM Car Parts. Our extensive range is sourced from top-tier auto parts manufacturers, ensuring quality and reliability. Simply input your vehicle's registration number or select the make and to find the compatible Central Locking Relay for your vehicle.

What is Central Locking Relay?

The central locking is controlled by an electronic device called the central locking control unit that is bascially a relay. There are normally 4 wires that go to each door. Two of the wires connect to the lock mechanism and tell the central locking control unit whether the doors are locked or not. The other two wires connect to the actuator which can either take the form of a motor or an electro magnet. The Central locking control unit connects these wires in one direction to lock and the opposite direction to unlock the doors. Most modern cars also have a remote sensor that detects the signal from a remote key fob. This send a radio or IR signal to a detector which then connects to the central locking control unit to tell the car to lock or unlock. This uses a coded signal that is unique to that particular key fob.

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