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A.C Compressor Pump

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Throttle Position Sensors

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Fuel Pumps (in-tank)

from £15.00

New and Used OEM parts available for the following Audi models

A4/S4 CABRIO./QU. [AA4C] A4/S4 CABRIO./QU. 2003-2009 CABRIOLET [ACA] CABRIOLET 1992-2000 COUPE [ACO] COUPE 1981-1996 COUPE QUATTRO [ACOQ] COUPE QUATTRO 1985-1996 QUATTRO/SPORT [AQS] QUATTRO/SPORT 1980-1991 Q3 [AQ3] Q3 2012-... Q5 [AQ5] Q5 2009-... Q7 [AQ7] Q7 2007-... TT/TTS COUPE/ROADSTER [ATT] TT/TTS COUPE/ROADSTER 1999-... A1 [A1] A1 2011-... 100/AVANT QUATTRO [A10Q] 100/AVANT QUATTRO 1985-1994 100/AVANT [A100] 100/AVANT 1977-1994 A2 [A2] A2 2000-2005 200/AVANT QUATTRO [A20Q] 200/AVANT QUATTRO 1985-1991 200 [A200] 200 1980-1991 A3/S3/SPORTBACK/QU. [A3] A3/S3/SPORTBACK/QU. 1997-... A3 CABRIOLET [A3CA] A3 CABRIOLET 2008-... A4/AVANT [A4] A4/AVANT 1995-... A4 ALLROAD QUATTRO [A4AR] A4 ALLROAD QUATTRO 2010-... A4/S4/AVANT/QUATTRO [A4Q] A4/S4/AVANT/QUATTRO 1995-... A5/S5 CABRIOLET [A5CA] A5/S5 CABRIOLET 2010-... A5/S5 COUPE/SPORTBACK [A5CO] A5/S5 COUPE/SPORTBACK 2008-... 50 [A50] 50 1975-1978 A6/AVANT [A6] A6/AVANT 1995-... A6 ALLROAD QUATTRO [A6AR] A6 ALLROAD QUATTRO 2000-... A6/S6/AVANT QUATTRO [A6Q] A6/S6/AVANT QUATTRO 1995-... A7 SPORTBACK [A7] A7 SPORTBACK 2011-... A8 [A8] A8 1994-... A8/S8 QUATTRO [A8Q] A8/S8 QUATTRO 1994-... 80/90/AVANT [A80] 80/90/AVANT 1973-1996 80/90/AVANT QUATTRO [A80Q] 80/90/AVANT QUATTRO 1983-1996 80 AVANT RS2 QUATTRO [RS2] 80 AVANT RS2 QUATTRO 1994-1996 RS3 SPORTBACK [RS3] RS3 SPORTBACK 2011-2013 RS4/AVANT QUATTRO [RS4] RS4/AVANT QUATTRO 2000-... RS4 CABRIOLET QU. [RS4C] RS4 CABRIOLET QU. 2007-2009 RS5 COUPE QUATTRO [RS5] RS5 COUPE QUATTRO 2010-... RS6/RS6 PLUS/AVANT QU [RS6] RS6/RS6 PLUS/AVANT QU 2003-2011 R8 [R8] R8 2007-... S6 PLUS QUATTRO [S6PQ] S6 PLUS QUATTRO 1996-1997 TTRS COUPE/ROADSTER [TTRS] TTRS COUPE/ROADSTER 2010-... V8 [V8] V8 1989-1994


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